Workshop on urban/peri-urban agriculture

A team of researchers from ISET Nepal attended a workshop on urban / peri urban agriculture held at the UN conference centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The workshop scheduled from 24th to 27th July 2012 was supported by European Commission. Altogether nine countries (three from South Asia and six from Africa) participated in the workshop. The participating countries were Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and Ethiopia. Nine cities (Kathmandu, Chennai, Dhaka, Dar Es Salaam, Kampala, Ibadan, Tamale, Dakar and Addis Ababa) from each of the country were involved in the assessment of urban/peri urban agricultural system. The purpose of the 4-day workshop was to examine the progress on the urban/ peri urban assessment, share findings with each other city teams, devise a strategy for completing the assessment report, and identify opportunities for sharing findings of the assessment. The workshop started with the sharing of issues of the assessment of each city followed by the discussion on key issues. The inter city comparison of issues and the linkage of climate change in the assessment are the key focus of discussion. The communication plan and publication strategy were also discussed during the workshop.