Understanding resilience

  • Simply incorporating the term in the local lexicon without unpacking its tenets could render the concept meaningless
Resilience building is about bringing to bear the inner strength of humans so that they are able to deal with various kinds of shocks and minimise associated risks

Oct 17, 2016-Over a year after the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake, the process of recovery is slow moving. Hundreds of entities and thousands of households are working towards recovery, and yet what it means to recover as a society is undefined. As winters and monsoons have passed, and as landslides, flood and drought hazards continue to increase, the path to recovery has become even more daunting.

In the midst of this, the ongoing public discourse on how to recover from the earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks has emphasised the need to ‘build back better’ and to build ‘resilience’. In order to integrate resilience into recovery, it is important to understand what resilience actually means and how both concepts are different but complementary to each other.