Understanding Climate Change Vulnerability and Resilience Training, 26th – 28th August 2019

Three-days training on Understanding Climate Change, Vulnerability and Resilience was designed and conducted for the staffs of United Mission to Nepal from 26th August to 28th August in Ageno- the Hestia, Dhobighat. The main objective of the trainings was to enhance the knowledge, skill and attitude of the UMN staffs, in the area of climate change, adaptation and resilience building. In particular, the training incorporated the knowledge for the trainees in the following areas:

  • Understand basics of climate change and its impacts and get informed about community based/ecosystem-based adaption practices
  • Build capacity of participants to:
  • envision future climate scenario
  • identify social and natural systems
  • identify the most vulnerable
  • identify options for building resilience
  • identify roles of stakeholders and institution


The three days training included in depth knowledge on climate change, scenario visioning, identifying risk and developing resilience activities for the identified risk along with exercise. on gender and social inclusion