Training Seminar in Biratnagar and Bharatpur

ISET-Nepal researchers Mr. Kanchan Mani Dixit and Mr. Kamal Thapa completed two training seminars, one in each of two regional offices in Biratnagar on June 25-26, 2011 and Bharatpur on June 29-30,2011  for the staff of Nepal Water for Health, a national NGO which works with rural communities to help them built drinking water and sanitation systems.  Each seminar covered subjects on climate change science, impacts, and vulnerabilities; development and resilience planning; and the challenges that climate change poses to the drinking water sector.

Since the staff of Nepal Water for Health better understand the challenges of resilience planning, it is expected that they will mainstream climate adaptation activities within their organisation. ISET-Nepal has also planned other similar capacity-building activities in order to disseminate learning to yet more organisations.