Training on Terrace Farming: Farmers’ Groups in Agroecological Practices

Agroecological practices are farming methods that aim to create sustainable and resilient agricultural systems. They include minimizing external inputs, enhancing soil health and biodiversity, and bridging traditional and scientific approaches.

ISET-Nepal organized a one-day terrace farming training on safe/organic vegetable production in collaboration with Changunarayan Municipality’s Ward No. 2. The training was successfully completed and aimed to enhance the knowledge and skills of lead farmers and women entrepreneurs in the project area. The training focused on various aspects of terrace farming, including safe and sustainable vegetable production techniques.

The presence of the ward chairperson, the head of the municipal agricultural unit, and other relevant stakeholders was a remarkable value addition to the program, providing valuable insights and guidance to the attendees.

With this training, we aim to empower the local farmers and women entrepreneurs, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their agricultural practices and ensure the production of safe, high-quality vegetables for their communities.