Think tank initiatives (TTI)



The Think Tank Initiative is a program designed to strengthen independent policy research organisations, so that they may become more influential and sustainable.  The long term strategy identified by ISET- Nepal during the course of the project was to:

  •   Develop its own robust research agenda;
  •   Improve key aspects of its organisational performance; and,
  •   Increase its ability to inform and influence policy.


  1.     Enhance research quality (RQ)
  2.     Strengthen organisational performance (OP)
  3.     Improve policy linkages, communications and outreach


ISET- Nepals strength lies in producing high-quality research outputs, those that will serve as the foundation upon which the institution transforms itself into a learning organisation that generates and shares knowledge. ISET-Nepal uses an iterative process; researchers continuously interact with local stakeholders, providing them with insights from earlier cycles of research in order to create an ever-deeper appreciation of the phenomenon under study.

ISET-Nepal has also begun the process of establishing formal partnership with various organisations such as Niti Foundation, Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) and Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH). Discussions are at an advanced stage to begin a policy related dialogues in Kathmandu and other towns in partnership with Niti Foundation, NEFEJ and NEWAH. ISET-Nepal is planning to build synergy and initiate research on disaster risk reduction in collaboration with organisations working on disaster risk reduction.

Furthermore, ISET-Nepal has taken additional management and financial support on using strawbale wall in the construction of a new cooperative building.