The Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative (AFAI)

The project “Tracking adaptation finance; analyzing existing governance system and institutional capacity and developing policy recommendations to strengthen transparency, accessibility, accountability and better governance of adaptation finance in Nepal” was a joint work between ISET-Nepal, Oxfam GB and CEN. ISET-Nepal took lead in the research.Five climate change projects of Nepal: EbA, NCCSP, MSFP, Hariyo Ban and CFGORRP were selected for the study to track their financial position from national to community level in four districts of Nepal. The study is in line with the climate change policy of the government of Nepal (2011), which stipulates that 80% of the project budget should reach local level benefiting vulnerable people affected by climate change impacts. The project aimed to track the flow of climate adaptation finance (both international and domestic sources) from national level to sub-national levels and analyze the transparency, accountability and efficacy of these adaptation finance flows as well as analyze the strengths and weakness of the existing governance system and institutional capabilities needed to effectively channel adaptation finance to the local level for effective implementation of adaptation projects and programmes to meet the needs and interests of poor and vulnerable people with increased transparency and accountability.