Sheltering From A Gathering Storm

Shelter design is central to reducing hydro-meteorological disaster risk and, supports adaptation to climate change. Virtually no data are, however, available on the economic and other returns to investments in climate-adapted disaster-resilient design elements. As decision-makers increasingly seek evidence enabling them to target limited financial resources for DRR effectively, cost-benefit data on shelter investments are essential. The CBA research on climate-adapted shelter design proposed here targets this information gap. In addition, it addresses the returns to investments in the institutional frameworks required to guide long-term adaptation.
Through south-south partnerships in Nepal, Vietnam and India, ISET will:

  • Generate quantitative cost-benefit evidence on the value of investments in climate-adapted shelter and qualitative guidance on returns to investments in longer-term enabling institutional environments;
  • Create a practical process for evaluating the costs and benefits of DRR/adaptation investments that is replicable;
  • Generate strong local ownership for designs and shelter investments among local communities and government actorsISET Nepal Sheltering From A Gathering Storm