Post Event Review of Nepal Flood Disaster 2014
Post Event Review of Nepal Flood Disaster 2014

ISET-International, ISET-Nepal and Practical Action collaborated to develop and refine an approach to post-event analysis which can be applied more broadly and will support a systematic understanding of how to build resilience and develop mechanisms to avoid loses in the future, particularly at the scale of communities, urban areas, or rural regions. This framework would be helpful to generate approaches to post-event analysis that enable implementation of practical risk reduction activities and systematic data collection on what works. The project was supported by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Switzerland.

Risk nexus: learning from 2014 Karnali flood

Risk Nexus

Urgent case for recovery: what we can learn from the August 2014 Karnali River floods in Nepal In mid-August 2014, three days of torrential monsoon rainfall led to the widespread Karnali floods in Western Nepal. The floods killed 222 people and had a major impact on 120,000 others, damaging infrastructure and property and displacing households.

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