People Led solution for better accontability practise (PELSAP)

Funded by Governance Facility (GF) and led by Action Aid Nepal (AAN), the project studies the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Governance in Nepal. ISET-Nepal is working at National level to find out the issues and challenges in DRR Governance along with( AAN) in this project. The other district based partners NGOs at four selected districts are doing the same at local level.  The project was started in 2016 and ends in 2018. The primary responsibility of ISET-Nepal is to inform policy makers/ Government entities about the suggestions and recommendations made by Citizens to improve Good Governance (transparency, accountability) procedures and mechanisms in related acts, policies and plans relevant to disaster risk reduction and management.

Through the establishment of Citizen’s Alliance, this project aims to give voice to the disaster prone vulnerable communities while ensuring duty bearers promoting and practicing good governance in the areas of disaster preparedness and risk reduction management. Establishing rule of law through legitimate institutions in Nepal can result in the establishment of transparency and accountability in all levels of governance which in turn supports the meaningful representation and participation of communities, including that of women and vulnerable groups in disaster management.This is a unique initiative that brings together financial and technical assistance for supporting good governance in Nepal.