Expanding water dialogues in Koshi Basin

This is the second stage dialogue process supported by The Asia Foundation. In this phase dialogues include community, trans-boundary and a national level with an aim to build alignment among the stakeholders across the border on challenges of sustainable water resources management and environment management in Koshi river basin so that there would be some synergy among national and trans-boundary levels. The specific objectives are to:

  • Conduct dialogue with stakeholders and communities of Nepal and Indian side of border to refine dialogue process, create safe space, identify interests, build relationship and understanding, and commit on cooperation and collaboration among the stakeholders.
  • Share perspectives with each other, reflect on what was discovered and learned, keep track on changes in thinking and actions that develop synergy for transformation, during and after the dialogue process.
  • Seek suggestions from the stakeholders on how to pursue common actions and follow-up.
  • Disseminate the learning to wider audiences.