Proceeding of Himalaya- Ganga water dialogue

T he stanza above, written by the celebrated English poet in the eighteenth century, portrays the dilemma of water of thirsty sailors. The poem is relevant for millions across the world today who struggle to have access to clean water for basic living. Water is necessary to sustain life of all forms on earth. Be it human beings, animals or plants, life on earth is not possible without water.

The dialogue aimed to identify pathways and challenges related to development of stewardship of water commons for equitable and sustainable transboundary water governance. Transboundary water issues are national issues and need to be discussed at the national and international levels with issue-based discussions. Stewardship should be given to the local representatives as they can address the local problems and needs. Need assessments are very important before designing any project. Local people’s suggestions should be addressed during the design phase to make project sustainable.

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