Making it through the storm

  • Sustainable urbanisation is essential to protect cities against future natural disasters
– Shova Kumari YadavAJAYA DIXIT

Mar 28, 2016-

The recent disasters caused by destructive earthquakes and extreme rainfalls in South Asia’s cities should force everyone to seriously reflect on ways of making the urban area more secure. The 2015 Gorkha earthquake and its aftershocks hit Nepal’s capital, emerging towns and rural homes hard. Later in November, heavy rains in Chennai led to massive flooding. Both, the earthquakes and the flooding brought enormous damages and devastation. Such catastrophes are neither new nor unique to South Asia. Earlier disasters have repeatedly led to major devastations: The floods in Kashmir and Mid-Western Nepal in 2014 and 2010 in Pakistan, the embankment breach in Koshi in 2008, high water in Bihar in 2007 and in Mumbai in 2005, and so on