Immersion Course: I

ISET-Nepal conducted a two day (March 13-14, 2011) immersion course on climate change adaption at Kathmandu. The course aimed to generate awareness among the teachers of local government schools about the effect of climate on different systems surrounding them as well as to the lives of people. The two day training course also assesses the possible adaptation strategies at the local level.  Besides the school teachers, core staff of development NGOs also participated in the training course. The school teachers of following districts participated: Kagbeni of Mustang district, Ramche of  Myagdi district, Madanpokhara of  Palpa district , Hamsapur of  Argakhachi district and Dubiya of  Kapilbastu district. Similarly, National level NGOs that participated were: Nepal Water for Health, Rural Self-Reliance Development Centre and The National Association of Community Electricity Users-Nepal. This course was a part of the ongoing our food security project supported by IDRC.

The objectives of the training course were to generate  awareness  of  climate change adaptation at local level through the teachers, representatives of local community as well as youth and also to discuss on climate change scenario development for  future climate uncertainty