Igniting the Microbial Protein Revolution

Igniting the microbial protein revolution

Single Cell Protein (SCP) are the dried microbial cells or total protein extracted from pure microbial cell culture (algae, bacteria, molds and yeasts), which can be used as food supplement to humans (Food Grade) or animals (Feed grade). It is a good source of proteins that can help to nullify the malnutrition in humans. The project formulated Single Cell Protein (SCP) in the laboratory and determined its protein concentration for its effectiveness as supplements. Although single cell protein has high nutritive value due to higher protein, vitamin, essential amino acids and lipid content, it cannot be denied that certain issues such as their high nucleic acid content and slower in digestibility still waits to be resolved.

The study as carried out by Yashaswi Sharma, Aakanshya Malla, Asmit Upadhyay, Divya Lamichhane, Richa Shrestha, Sagar Ghimire and Shreeja Sapkota, students of Institutional Affiliation St.Xaviers College, Maitighar, Kathmandu, Tribhuvan University in December in 2017