From Risk to Resilience: Costs and Benefits of Flood Mitigation in the Lower Bagmati Basin: Case of Nepal Tarai and North Bihar

In the northern Ganga plain floods are common and constitute a major cause of the poverty endemic to the region. The largest investment governments have made in response to the risk of flooding has  been in the structural measures such as embankments and spurs. The relative costs The purpose of this paper is to present the results of a systematic qualitative analysis of the cost and benefits of constructing embankments in the lower Bagmati River basin, which stretches across Nepal Tarai and into northern Bihar.From-Risk-to-Resilience-6-Costs-and-Benefits-of-Flood-Mitigation-in-the-Lower-Bagmati-Basin-Case-of-Nepal-Tarai-and-the-North-Bihar

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