Bangkok Workshop on Methodology and Writing

The researchers from ISET-Nepal took part in methodology and writing workshop in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand on March 15-23, 2012. The workshop aimed to bring all key ISET colleagues across Asia including Nepal to better comprehend the challenges related to shared learning resilience planning in project that focus on adaptation and resilience to climate change. In the first part of the workshop (March 15-17), ISET-Nepal researchers took part in presentation, cross fertilisation of ideas and experiences and discussion with institutions within ISET network. The main focus of the discussion was on the vulnerability assessment methods and urban resilience framework (URF). ISET-Nepal shared food security issues of Gandak transect in this workshop.

In the second part of the workshop (March 19-23), ISET-Nepal members took part in writing workshop where different institutions came with draft report of their projects. The researchers learnt how to improve the writing skills along with refinement of the written draft.