Annual Report for year 2075/76

Though ISET-Nepal carried out a number of projects and activities in FY 2075/76, an attempt has been done to include only the major ones, while the viewers have the flexibility to browse ISET-Nepal’s webpage to get information on the projects and activities not covered in this page. Some of the major projects carried out last year were: Institutional Capacity Building under Think Tank Initiative Grant; Sustainable Think Tank, Book Project; Political economy analysis to identify champions for freshwater policy change and conservation of aquatic biodiversity in 12 watersheds in Nepal’s West Rapti, Mahakali and Karnali river basins; Surakshit Sahar (Safer Cities) –Urban DRR with the aim of contributing in development of resilient urban communities and multilayered stakeholders dialogue to build support for sustainable water resources management in Koshi river basin

Major projects of fiscal year 2018/19
Kamal Pande - chairperson ISET NepalMessage from Chairperson

This gives me immense pleasure to write a few words on the occasion of ISET-Nepal successfully completing seventeen years of outstanding work in the area of research and policy advocacy in Nepal. In addition to research, ISET–Nepal has now advanced further in 2018 with a new avenue of implementing project: Disaster Risk Reduction with an aim to translate research into policy actions. The extension has provided new challenges as well as opportunities for the organization to closely work with Government’s policy level institutions including Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA), Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), and Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD). Similarly, ISET-Nepal is also working with locally elected representatives of different wards of Metropolitan Office of Lalitpur and Kathmandu to build awareness and improve level of understanding of Disaster Risk Management in addition to providing support for building their capacities to manage and deal with disaster events.  

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Highlights of Activities
ISET Nepal - Annual Report for year 2075/76
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