Abhiskar Fellowship

Abishkar Fellowship                                      

The Abishkar fellowship supports undergraduate students in Nepal further their creative learning. It provides financial support in undertaking innovative activities that address Nepal’s social, economic and environmental challenges. The fellowship enables students to inculcate analytical and communication skills that will contribute to their professional growth. In 2018, six groups comprising 24 students received Abishkar fellowship for their innovative projects. Likewise, our 2017 grantees who designed a stair climbing wheel chair also won the title of Inter-college Video Challenge 2018. The team won Rs 100,000 for their concept to help the disabled overcome architectural barriers such as stairs inside buildings and in front of local shops and curbs on roads.a.

The other recipients of the 2017 grant,with the assistance from ISET-Nepaland Single Cell protein organized one day workshop in February 2018 on their project, Single Cell Project. The workshop, brought together professionals from different scientific field, entrepreneurs, advisors on food  


sharing and discussion workshop of Abishkar fellowship projects

ISET-Nepal’s Abishkar fellows carried out the final presentation of their projects on Jan 12, 2018 at Yalamaya Kendra. The objective of this workshop was for them to share their final output/outcome of the project and to also discuss the future prospects of their projects. The presentations were followed by the lecture on “Entrepreneurship and importance of business plans” by Dr. Binod Krishna Shrestha. This discussion was attended by all the researchers of ISET-Nepal, Abishkar fellows and their supervisorsand drug manufacturing, waste management specialists, administrators and academic