जलवायु पुराण-भाग १

In 2009, ISET-Nepal conceptualized and designed a radio drama “Jal Vayu Puran”. The drama simplified the complex climate change issues, their terminologies and helped localize the concept making it easy for community people to understand. It also discussed alternatives to live a quality life. An effort was made to encapsulate local-level issues of the different ecological regions across Nepal. Issues such as the greenhouse effect, rainfall, alternative energy, flood, air pollution, biogas, carbon dioxide, the negative effect of climate change, the average temperature of the earth, river system have been discussed. Twenty-seven episodes of Jal Vayu Puran were developed and broadcasted over across Nepal through FM stations at different time frames.  In this first episode, the narrator summarizes the contents of the prequels to this series. He introduces new listeners to the context, the topics discussed on the previous Purans, and the characters of the drama. The pandit (priest) of this Puran is from the Bishwokarma caste instead of a Brahmin.

Producer: ISET-Nepal,  Direction: Dhirendra Premarshi Script: Laxman Gamnage

To listen to or download the first episode click here: Jal Vau Puran | Episode 1 

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