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Traditional and modern bridge over Tila River Jumla
Settlement in Jumla

Mason Training

ISET-Nepal was established in 2001 as a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization to study and analyse developmental issues of rapidly changing social and environmental context that demand new insights into the emerging challenges to manage resources for sustainable development.

ISET-Nepal is registered with the District Administration Office (CDO) and Social Welfare Council (SWC) of The Government of Nepal.It has dedicated its organizational focus to generate and disseminate knowledge on changing social and environmental context through research, publications and engagement in public debates to address the emerging challenges.

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ISET-Nepal envisions a society capable of addressing the emerging social…


SET-Nepal’s mission is to improve understanding and elevate…


The primary goal of ISET-Nepal is to conduct academic studies, research..

Ongoing Projects
Risk to Resilience through Collective Local Actions (Nexus Project)

Background  ISET Nepal with the financial support of Dunchurch Aid (DCA) and Changunaryan Municipality is implementing the “Risk to Resilience…

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Political Capabilities (PolCap) Project for Disaster Resilience
Political Capabilities (PolCap) Project for Disaster Resilience

Background The project envisions that urban communities secure their interests in resilience planning and investments, enabling access to services critical…

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Surakshit sahar (Safer cities)
Surakshit Sahar (Safer cities)

Surakshit Sahar (Safer Cities)- Urban DRR to Transit from Risk to Resilience in Kathmandu Valley Consortium Partners: ADRA, DCA, LWR,…

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ISET-Nepal Interactive Map

The map provides socio-economic details based on Central Bureau of Statistic (CBS) 2011 data. Please click on desired district for district-specific socio-economic data.
(Map prepared by AidData USA).

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“Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now.”
– Barack Obama on Climate Change

Strengthening Policy Research: Role of Think Tank Initiative in South Asia

Strengthening Policy Research: Role of Think Tank Initiative in South Asia is a vivid presentation of the diverse journeys of think tanks under the aegis of the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) programme managed by the International Development Research Centre in South Asia. The book extensively discusses the three areas of TTI support to strengthen think tanks, viz., organizational performance, research quality and policy engagement. It emphatically demonstrates the crucial role of long-term core support in strengthening think tanks for more rigorous research quality as the basis for public policymaking. It presents a rich tapestry of complex pathways that each think...

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