Staff Profile

Leadership/Overall Management & Operation

Ajaya Mani Dixit- Executive Director

Ashutosh Sukla - Senoir Research Faculty 

Program and operation 

Kanchan Mani Dixit - Program and Operation Manager

Research &Knowledge Development

Yogendra Subedi - Research & Knowledge Development Manager

  • Rabi Wenju- Research Officer
  • Anustha Shrestha- Research Officer 
  • Ratna Deep Lohani- Research Associate
  • Bishnu Lakhe- Research Associate 
  • Sheela Bogati- Consultant
  • Anurag Pokharel - Consultant 
  • Sushila Ghimire - MEAL Officer 


Communication, Publication & Outreach

  • Narayan Pd. Adhikari - Publication Officer 
  • Gita Bhomi- Library Officer
  • Ganga Devi Shrestha- Design Assistant 


General Administration, Finance & Human Resources

Puskar Prasad Acharya - General Administration & Finance Manager

  • Krishna Gautam- Administration & HR Officer 
  • Inu Khadka- Account Officer
  • Sushmita Khadka Thapa- Associate Administration  Internal Officer
  • Deck Pd. Adhikari - Associate Administration External Officer
  • Rahul KC- Accountant 
  • Bishnu Kumar Shrestha- Administration Assistant
  • Bharat Bahadur Subedi- Office Helper
  • Rita Shrestha- Office Helper
  • Laxmi Magar- Office Helper


Manthan ( मन्थन )

Current Projects

Living on the Line: Case Studies on the Lived Experiences of Urban Communities in Nepal Facing a Threat to Unpreventable and Unpredictable Earthquake

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Recent Publications

Climate change governance in Nepal

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