Mainstreaming Climate-Sensitive Indicators into an Existing Food Monitoring System

Posted On: 2013-08-14

This report encapsulates findings of a year long study that proposes mainstreaming climate sensitive food security indicators into NeKSAP. The collaborative study among ISET-Nepal, ISET-International and WFP-Nepal received support from Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN). The study used series of consultations with WFP-Nepal functionaries to review indicators obtained from global literature and NeKSAP. The team analysed NeKSAP and proposed 28 indicators to assess vulnerabilities to climate change. The 28 indicators are to be used with Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) and administered at the household level. In addition, the study has proposed 15 district level indicators. The set of 28 indicators were pre-tested, administered and the data obtained analysed for ranking vulnerability. The proposed indicators were called Climate-Sensitive Food Security Indicators (CLIFSI). 

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Manthan ( मन्थन )

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