ISET-Nepal Five-year Strategy

Posted On: 2016-11-07

This strategy aims to situate ISET-Nepal trategically as it responds to the challenges Nepal faces in an era of tremendous change processes. To overcome existing and emerging challenges, new insights and entry points are required for fine-tuning existing policies and eventually forming new ones capable of adapting to new constraints as they arise.

To respond to these persistent and emergent challenges, ISET-Nepal will continue to conduct research and generate evidence for policies on these six themes:

  • Disaster Risk Reduction;
  • The Changing Rural-Urban Continuum;
  • Poverty, Inequality and Social Development;
  • Climate, Water, Ecosystem, Food, and Livelihood Interdependence;
  • Energy System and Management;
  • Public-Sector Governance

ISET-Nepal will use the approaches below in all the activities we engage in in order to achieve
our vision, mission, aims, and strategic objectives:

  • Interdisciplinary Research;
  • Reflective learning;
  • Communication and Outreach;
  • Policy Engagement; and  
  • Organizational Development
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Manthan ( मन्थन )

Current Projects

Living on the Line: Case Studies on the Lived Experiences of Urban Communities in Nepal Facing a Threat to Unpreventable and Unpredictable Earthquake

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Recent Publications

Climate change governance in Nepal

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Challenges to increasing the productive use of hydroelectricity in Nepal

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