Strengthening People’s Perspective on Water Commons in South Asia

Posted on: 2013-07-01

The objective of this study is to generate qualitative evidences on the impact on riparian communities - on poverty reduction, livelihoods, access to benefits, floods, displacements etc by the installation projects such as hydropower, irrigation, embankment and dams etc. Investigation of water governance and role of local communities is being done. The study aims to identify specific campaign and advocacy issues at basin level and assess policies that guide Koshi, Gandak and Mahakali river basins.

The project maped the availability and accessibility of data and information related to selected transboundary rivers through in-country assessments in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal as well as tested the efficacy of the right to information (RTI) as a tool to gather data and information on transboundary rivers in Bangladesh, India and Nepal as well as build the capacity of civil society actors and the media in the region to use RTI to access data and information on transboundary rivers.



Manthan ( मन्थन )


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Current Projects

Political Economy Analysis of Hydrological Interventions in Koshi Basin

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Recent Publications


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Computerization in Nepal: State of hardware and software business

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Water commons and Trans-boundary Rivers:

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