Recovering to Resilience

Posted on: 2017-05-19

Jointly undertaken by ISET-Nepal and ISET-International, the project caters to responds to both the immediate needs of Nepalese communities following the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake. It is also expected to respond to the growing global attention to resilience concepts and practice. This project undertakes three core activities: engagement with Global Resilience Partnership (GRP), carryout resilience building project in one Melamchi Municipality and multiple engagements for local and global scaling. The goal of the project is to connect the growing global community working on resilience with an integrated program of applied activities that bridge disaster recovery and longer-term development goals. The project seek to answer how resilience thinking, the resilience concept and the resilience dividend can be demonstrated and how such integrated approaches differ from conventional disaster recovery or development programs. The ISET project team sees in an initial activity that will ultimately grow into a significantly larger and longer-term program that will deliver practical benefits at scale across Nepal while also contributing globally through the GRP.

Manthan ( मन्थन )


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Current Projects

Living on the Line: Case Studies on the Lived Experiences of Urban Communities in Nepal Facing a Threat to Unpreventable and Unpredictable Earthquake

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Recent Publications

Article on The Nepali Hazardscape: Critical Examination of Reconstruction in Muzaffarabad Can Provide Valuable Lessons for Nepal’s Efforts

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BENEFITS AND BURDEN: A Case Study of Gandak River Agreement

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