Integrating Urban and Peri–Urban Agriculture and Forestry in City Climate Change Strategies

Posted on: 2013-04-01

The study monitored the impact of the Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture and Forestry (UPAF) pilot project in Kathmandu on climate change mitigation, adaptation and co- benefits. The study collected data on the co-benefits of the roof top farming like ambient temperatures, reducing storm water runoff and enhancing infiltration, reducing energy use by lowering food miles, replacing fertilizers by composted organic wastes and lowering vulnerability of urban poor. It also provided feedbacks on local adaptation of the monitoring and scenario development guidelines and tools developed by RUAF Foundation.

Manthan ( मन्थन )


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Current Projects

Political Economy Analysis of Hydrological Interventions in Koshi Basin

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Recent Publications


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Water commons and Trans-boundary Rivers:

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