Multilayered Stakeholders’ Dialogue to Build Support for Sustainable Water Resources Management in Koshi River Basin

ISET-Nepal and GEAG have initiated a multilayered and multistage dialogue process at local, sub-basin and basin and trans-boundary levels around the four dimensions of contestations (Collusion of multiples uses at scales; Sectoral approach to water resources management; Collusion of the state’s and citizen’s interest, and Collusion of interests at the local, national and trans-national levels). The dialogue is expected to identify some key values to address them and build synergy for sustainable management of water resources in the basin. The process will be undertaken over a two year period to:

  • Build collaborative leadership at the local, sub-basin and basin scales
  • Create opportunities for mutual learning to inform and promote sustainable solutions at scales
  • Align the interest of the state and the citizenry
  • Progressively internalize the importance of “stewardship” in the use of the basin’s natural resources.